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D N Angel


D N Angel info

Diasuke Niwa is an unlucky middle-schooler and his life even got more unluckier as on his 14th birthday he was turned down by his crush, Risa Harada, and returned of his letter telling her of his feelings. But as Daisuke went home he turned into his alter-ego Dark. Daisuke's mom explained to him that for 300 years the Niwa men were cursed, whenever they saw their crush they could turn into the infamous phantom theif 'Dark'. And the only way to rid this curse is to have the one you love return your love back. But unfortunately, Dark has a crush on Risa's twin sister Riku, and just as Daisuke turns into Dark when he sees Risa, Dark turns back into Daisuke when he sees Riku.



Daisuke Niwa is 14-years old and he has red hair. An unluckly middle-schooler whose life was changed on his 14th birthday. Daisuke now has the genes of the hereditary legend of the phantom theif, Dark Mousy.. or just Dark. (  I prefer Dark because Mousy sounds stupid. ^-^) Now whenever Daisuke sees his crush he'll turn into Dark. And until his love will be returned he'll keep on turning into Dark.


Dark Mousy is the legendary thief that appears while the males of the Niwa family thinks of someone they like/love. Whenever Dark sees Riku Harada he turns back into Daisuke, whether it's her or just a picture.

This is the hottest picture of Satoshi ever!!!!!!!

Satoshi Hiwatari is a really smart teenager who graduated a university at the age of 14. But with all that knowledge he prefers going to middle school because it'll make him feel normal. Satoshi is just like Daisuke. His family holds a similar curse. Whenever Satoshi thinks of a person he likes he'll turn into Krad. (and you'll notice that Dark and Krad is spelled backwards as it is frontwards.) Satoshi doesn't like this at all so he tries to destroy himself to get rid of the curse. But he doesn't try to kill himself until at the end of the show. At the ending, he looked sooo hot in Dark's jacket thingy... yeah, i know.. i'm a Satoshi fan-girl. ^^


Krad is exactly like Dark. Though the only thing is that Krad is a little over protective of his host, Satoshi. Krad has spent his whole "life" trying to catch Dark.


Risa Harada is the girl on the right. Diasuke likes Risa and sadly he was turned down on his 14th birthday because he wasn't going to help Risa's "social status". But after the appearence of Dark, after 40 years, Risa likes Dark.

Riku Harada is the girl on the left. Riku is the nicer twin out of the two. Dark has a crush on Riku but Riku likes Daisuke and she also thinks that Dark is a pervert...


Wiz (With in the Japanese version) is the family pet rabbit thing... Wiz has been in the family for as long as the curse was there. Wiz was Dark's "wings" so that's how Dark was able to fly. Wiz can also mimic Daisuke's form or Dark's form. Even though Daisuke likes Wiz better, Wiz listens more to Dark. And he has a big fear of water!!! And another funny thing is, when Daisuke tried to teach Wiz how to say his name, Wiz kept on saying "Daisuki." (i'm not sure, but i'm gonna check very soon to clarify!!) "Daisuki" in Japanese means "I like you" or "I like...." in the sense of "I like strawberries! or I like dogs!"

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