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For Anime and Manga Lovers

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Welcome to 'For Anime and Manga Lovers' website!!! I hope you enjoy your stay here!!!


Okay, i updated and deleted a few things. I just figured that I'd do a few things first before jumping to conclusions. Yeah, strange world. Anywayz, yeah, that's the update.

Disclaimer: i don't own any of these anime or manga so don't sue me!!!! *glares at the evil law suits* and i forgot to mention that at the bottom of each page there should be link/links to other websites of that section. And I am always trying to fix this web site to be the best so it's still under construction!!! and it's my first web site!!!!
Hi!!! This web site is for people who like anime and manga.. and for those of you who just stumbled here on accident and don't know what anime and manga are I'll be happy to explain it to you!!! Anime is also known as Japanese animation. Manga is also known as Japanese comics. And in this website you would see pages on anime and manga, or both! Thus the point of doing this website!! So that's basically it!! I hope you enjoy!!!!!

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These are some websites that tell about anime/manga.


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