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Yu Yu Hakusho

The animation below has no purpose!!! And I have no idea what it's about.... so don't ask me!!!


Yu Yu Hakusho info

Yu Yu Hakusho or Ghost Files, is about a 14-year old boy who sacrificed his life just to save a little boy. But unexpectantly the 14-year old died. The boy who sacrificed his life is Yusuke Urameshi. Yusuke was soon greeted by a very friendly "grim reaper". She told Yusuke that he could come back to life because his death was unexpected in "Spirit World". Soon after Yusuke came back to life he met up with Kurama, a fox demon; and Hiei a fire/ice demon. And one of his "rivals", Kuwabara. Kuwabara is also a fighter. Soon after the four join up and work together to defeat the demons coming in from "Demon World."

Yu Yu Hakusho Characters

yusuke looks fat in this pic.. lol

Yusuke Urameshi is a 14 year old fighter who is also a troublemaker. But his 30 year old mother is also of no help to his troubles. then later while he skips school again he entertains a little boy and then sees that he was going to get run over by a car and runs and pushes the boy out of the way. and Yusuke ends up being dead. unfortunately the boy wasn't supposed to die. so Yusuke died for no reason. and after being given another chance to live Yusuke is now a Spirit detective hunting down demons and killing them before they reach the human world or "Ningenkai".

this animation is sooo cool!

Kazuma Kuwabara is the second strongest at Sarayashiki Junior High. The strongest is obviously Yusuke. Kuwabara, ( he likes to be called Kuwabara and only his sister and certain other people can call him by his first name) soon after Yusuke comes back to life he gains the spirit sword. which is spirit energy forming in his hands. and he and his sister didn't know that they had "spirit awareness". which is like the sixth sense when you can sense demons or ghosts. and sooner or later after being trained by Genkai, Yusuke's teacher, he improves his power and gains his "double spirit sword" attack.


Kurama is a 300 year old fox who turns into the legendary fox theif, Yoko Kurama. Kurama took over the body of a baby and was resting because he was hurt. But Kurama never intended to love and care for his "mother". So unbeknownst of that fact Kurama's "mother" proudly names him Shuichi Minamino. And surprisingly Kurama stays for 15 years. Shuichi is the smartest at his school and is a type of person who would stay calm at all times.


Hiei Jaganeshi is a lonely "forbidden child" fire demon. Hiei is the offspring of a fire demon and a koorime ( or an ice demon). Hiei was born of fire and that was forbidden and as a young child Hiei was thrown off the island that they live on. (it floats above the Makai.. i think that's Spirit world.) but before Hiei was thrown off the island Hina ( Hiei's mom) cried a tear gem and gave it to her son and her daughter Yukina, after that she passed away. AFter landing safely in a forest on Earth some bandits took Hiei in and raised him. but as he got older he got stronger and soon they abandoned him because they feared that he would overpower them. And after learning of his past he travels to meet Shigure, the man who implanted the Jagan,which is his third eye on his forehead. now he uses the Jagan to locate his sister Yukina. Yukina doesn't know that Hiei is her brother and now Hiei watches over his sister in the shadows while helping Yusuke, Kuwabara and Kurama. But at a reluctant mood.

Jin looks so cute when he's confused!

Jin is my favorite character and sadly not an important one in the show. Jin only appeared in two episodes, during the Dark Tournament and in some episodes in the Makai Tournament (or Demon Tournament). Jin is a wind demon who has a carefree attitude, loves to fly, and speaks in an Irish accent very very quickly. It is rumored that Jin is a distant relative of Yusuke's like a cousin or something like that.