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Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket Summary

Fruits Basket is about a 16-year old girl named Tohru Honda who's an orphan. After her mother died she went to live in the fields that belonged to the Sohma family. The Sohma's nor Torhu knew she was living on the Sohma's property. Then when Tohru was invited to the Sohma's house she found out a terrible secret. When the Sohma's are hugged by the opposite gender they turn into an animal from the Chinese Zodiac. One by one as Tohru excitedly meets the Sohma's, they learned that with Tohru in their lives they are happier than before. And during that time, she discovers more secrets about the Sohma family and herself.

A warning you must read before you go ahead...
This section (Characters Section) will be spoiler prone. So if you do not like spoilers, well, I'm sorry. Heh, I myself am a big fan of spoilers. (I don't know why though.. lol)

Main Characters

tohru's visiting her mom's grave.. such a sad time

Tohru Honda is an orphan girl whose mother just died recentally one morning in May in a car accident. Tohru's 16 (but obviously a few years pass as the story progresses. So, to keep up with the Japanese release, she's about.. 18? Or 17. Somewhere around that age.) After Tohru's mother, Kyoko, died, she lived on the Sohma land where Shigure, Yuki and soon-to-be-later Kyo reside. But she didn't then know that she was living on the Sohma land. Shigure asked for her to work as a housekeeper in exchange for doing the housework. But she's done more than that. She's softened the hearts of most of the Juunishi (12 zodiac animals) and well, possibly Akito. (Wow, that's an accomplishment) Tohru's an optimist and she always looks on the bright side of things, even when things are grim... but that's just how Tohru is... she got that trait from her father, Katsuya.

yuki looks nice in this pic.

Yuki Sohma is the popular, quiet, mysterious type at school. At school he is called Prince Yuki or Prince Charming. (actually just one of Tohru's friends calls him that) He even has his own fan club! Because of the curse he cannot come in contact with any girls. Yuki is the rat of the Chinese Zodiac. When he was younger, he was often sick, and never gotten much attention, (except from Akito) and not even his older brother paid attention to him... But now, Ayame wants to be friends, and Yuki, well, he pretty much can't stand Ayame's attitude of carefree-ness. Yuki, later in the manga series, becomes president of the Student Council. There he meets a girl named Machi and her brother (well, kinda..) Kakeru. Those two are an interesting pair that influences and helps Yuki greatly. In the manga series, Yuki begins to be attracted to Tohru, but once he sees that Tohru and Kyo both share mutual feelings, he decides to back off. But then he later realizes that in Tohru, he searches what he has never had before... a mother. So now, he sees Tohru as a mother-figure and a kind person.

awww kyo looks hurt..

Kyo Sohma is the cat. He isn't really considered part of the Chinese Zodiac but he turns into the cat nonetheless. Kyo has a temper that matches the cat's temper when bothered. Kyo hates Yuki because in the story of the Zodiac the rat tricked the cat of when the banquet was supposed to be held. Kyo also hates leeks but he hates Yuki more... a lot more. The cat also has another form. it's a weird jackal looking thing... Whenever the beads on his hand are taken off he turns into this form.


Shigure Sohma is the dog of the Chinese Zodiac. He is a popular novelist and may act perverted at times but means well. He's the older cousin of Yuki and Kyo. He's also one of the three members of the Mabudachi Trio. (See Hatori for more details)


Hatori Sohma is the dragon of the Chinese Zodiac but instead of the dragon he turns into the seahorse when hugged by someone of the opposite gender. Hatori is the Sohma family doctor and he has the power to erase memories when "outsiders" found out about the curse. He's a doctor but the only problem he can't cure is his broken heart. He is almost blind in his left eye. This happened because Hatori fell in love with a person who isn't a part of the the zodiac and when he asked for permission from the leader of the Sohma clan Akito, he said no and at the same time while refusing to grant their wish threw a vase at Hatori and getting a piece of glass in his eye. And after that Kana, the woman that Hatori loved, would always be crying and blaming herself so Hatori erased her memories of the time that they loved each other.. *sob!!!!* that is sooo sad!!!! Hatori has such a hard past!! That's one of the reasons why he's my favorite character!! and he's part of the Mabudachi Trio. Mabudachi trio means the Super Handsome Blossom Trio. The other two are Ayame and Shigure. Hatori's personality can be described as mature, responsible adult. But as Akito would say, Hatori is "as cold as snow".


Ayame Sohma is the snake of the Chinese Zodiac. He works in his shop, which sells "men's romance", as Ayame would say. He is carefree, but serious when needed. He cares deeply for his two best friends, Hatori and Shigure, and probably would do anything for them and wish them the best. Ayame is a Drama "King" and he's proud of it. His little brother is Yuki Sohma. When they were children, Yuki was often sick, and Ayame didn't notice him at all, but now he wants to patch up that horrible past and make amends and be friends.


Hiro Sohma is the ram/sheep of the Chinese Zodiac.